Worship Opportunities

300 Sims Avenue,
Columbia, SC 29205.
Telephone:(803) 540-0171
E-mail: pastor@ntbc-sc.com

Come as you are


One of the benefits of being at a small church is that everyone knows and cares about everyone else, which makes it function like a family... which we believe was the initial design of a church. We do not view church as a social gathering, so feel free to come as you are - you will not be judged based on what you are wearing. If you are looking for a church where you are needed and will be missed when you are not there, will get cards and/or visits when you are sick, and will feel like part of a larger family - then come and give our extended family a try.


Even though we are a small church, our worship services are similar to most other churches. We worship God through prayer, singing songs, and studying the Bible. Our worship service is just over an hour long, with a 30 minute sermon.


We feel that general Biblical knowledge is declining in our country, so our Sunday School classes are focused on studying to learn more about the Bible. We use standard Southern Baptist Sunday School literature, and the classes are typically a little under 45 minutes long. Coffee and snacks are commonly available after Sunday School.


We are studying the Epistles of Paul on Wednesday nights. These studies likely go into more depth than those of most churches, and are for people who are serious about increaseing their knowledge of the Bible. We have pizza each week, and study the Bible for approximately an hour.